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Entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators, business consultants, website owners, and communities help your audience launch successful businesses on Adaine Rewards while earning a competitive referral commission.

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Unlimited Commission

No limit on earnings, unlimited commission.

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Get paid every month, no long waiting times.

Earnings Transparency

Earnings Transparency

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What information can I track about the merchants I refer?

Entrepreneurs, business coaches, influencers, and content creators who use Adaine Rewards to educate and teach their audiences about entrepreneurship are all part of the Adaine Rewards Affiliate Program. The programme is completely free to join and allows you to monetise your audience while also earning commissions on each new Adaine Rewards membership referral. 

To apply, you must either:
Have and maintain an active website or social media profile and be interested in startups or entrepreneurship
Be a startup founder or work or be involved in entrepreneurship.
Have a following or work/ support/ or write about entrepreneurs or business.
Have a following or work/ support/ or write about entrepreneurs or business.
You must also have read and accepted the Adaine Rewards affiliate Program Agreement.

Our team will examine your application closely and most applications for the Adaine Rewards Affiliate Program will be processed within a few days. You will receive an email with an affiliate link to promote Adaine Rewards  to assist you in getting started.

When you are accepted into the Adaine RewardsAffiliate Program, you will be given a unique reference handle and affiliate link that will allow you to monitor all of your referrals. Always utilise your unique affiliate link while educating your audience about Adaine Rewards. Our tracking cookies are valid for 60 days, so if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website, you will be rewarded with the referral as long as the visitor joins up and becomes a paying member, you will get a one-time commission.

You earn a commission on entrepreneurs  that use your affiliate link to sign up for a paid Adaine Rewards Membership. There is no limit to the number of entrepreneurs you may recommend; we want you to make as much money as possible.

Copyright © adaine 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © adaine 2023.
All rights reserved.